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Bodie, originally uploaded by Manja Nelius.

i found this delightful photo in Manja Nelius’s photo stream… i really like the copper color effect with the black and white back ground… especially from this angle…

thank you Manja Nelius for sharing this gem with us… tiandra..


The Last Supper

•February 21, 2007 • 1 Comment

The Last Supper, originally uploaded by unwiredadventures.

I came across this photo in unwiredadventures… a very interesting photo-stream indeed… this one is the art of one Charles Albert Szukalski… pretty awesome art if you ask me… so i had to post it in my blog to share with you.. it has somewhat of an eerie feel to it… the white clocks are very well done…

Thank you unwiredadventures for sharing this interesting art with us… tiandra…

blue and yellow flowers

•February 21, 2007 • 2 Comments

blue and yellow flowers, originally uploaded by Hello I must be going.

i found these delightful flowers in Hello I must be going’s photo stream… now how is that for an interesting name on a flickr stream.. delightful..!

Thank you Hello I must be going for sharing these flowers with us… tiandra..


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clouds, originally uploaded by snorkeldaddy.

The other day i came across snorkeldaddy’s photostream… snorkeldaddy has some delightful photos…. like this one…. i just had to blog it to share it with you… i love the cloud effects with the building rising into the heavens… i have to say.. this is a great click with wonderful photo work…

Thank you snorkeldaddy for sharing this gem with us… tiandra..

The Old Corvair

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The Old Corvair, originally uploaded by takenpictures.

The Old Corvair

There was a car in front of this a few months back when Lost America was here.

Abandoned Junkyard in Hodge California with a For Sale sign out front. A few nights after the Full Moon..(takenpictures)

Thank you takenpictures for sharing this gem with us… tiandra..

Robinson crusoe dream place!!

•February 19, 2007 • 5 Comments

Robinson crusoe dream place!!, originally uploaded by nicolas valentin.

…uuuummmmm.. the beautiful magical clicks of nicolas valentin…. big smile.. big big smile…

nicolas… now just where on earth is this beautiful place… did you make this photo up or does this place really exists….. big smile… no… make that a big big big smile… this is such a beautiful photograph… you have such magic in your eye… be careful.. you may just wind up becoming a big name photographer someday… and you will want a more expensive camera… 🙂 …..

yes nicolas… you make me smile… you really are good at this photography bussiness… what can i say… i see you have added a wonderful batch of new photos while i was gone…. i will not be able to keep up with you… matters not… each one is a gem..!

Thank you nicolas valentin for sharing this gem with us… tiandra..

……skeleton roof

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skeleton roof, originally uploaded by meagain625.

skeleton roof

My humble home
Where love once dwelt
And happiness
And joy were felt

Now crumbled brick
And skeletal roof
Where love has died
Here lies the proof.

We fade away
When love is gone
But the walls remain
At this, my home…

poetry by meagain625 (Debbie)

Debbie.. thank your for sharing this with us… funny how time takes it course… i am glad you took time to pen this reflection… i could feel the love that was once there.. something that is very deep and meaningful to you… to all of us.. thank you……tiandra…